Friday, 15 February 2013

Doodlecast Pro

Our school chose to celebrate 101 days of school this year instead of 100 Day.  We had a dalmation theme and the kids did all kinds of counting.  Now being the tech lover that I am, I named my pup techie, decorated my classroom door like a dog house and had the kids answer questions about 101 while I recorded their voice using Doodlecast Pro!

My original plan was to use Sonic Pics, but you could not add more photos once you started recording voice, so I quickly went in search of a new app!  Doodlecast Pro did the trick.  Now we certainly could have been MORE elaborate in our video, however, we were quickly rushing 30+ kids through the station with only 20 minutes available.  We sorted the kids by grade and then quickly snapped a photo of each of them... once they had been at the puppy ear station they looked adorable!  Next we opened up Doodlecast, inserted the picture and had them record their voice (I could eat 101 Smarties etc).  Once they were done speaking they went off to color a dalmation while the next person had a turn.  We inserted, recorded and moved on ALL AFTERNOON!

Speaking is an essential part of the curriculum and it is difficult for so many kids to do.  This project certainly highlighted that, but also reinforced the need for technology and how kids can simply make their own creations.

Here's the grade one finished video...............

I had also done a trial run the day before just to make sure it was going to work out for me.   I had my students tell me about their 100 Day posters!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snake Clamp-Doc Camera

Snake Clamp for the iPad
This looks like it might be worth the $60. to try out. It is a bracket for holding the iPad in place and is flexible to twist and use the iPad for a document camera. Of course it wouldn't be as elaborate as a doc camera but for $50. would it be worth it? Or would it work with the cases we have? It would be too much hassle to take the iPad out of the case. Hmmm!

Snake Clamp

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Favorite Resources for iPads

Are you looking for just the right app to fit in with your subject area or theme. Here's a few resources that  are fabulous and well worth checking out. 

My favorite

It gives apps in a list--by themes which breaks it down into subject areas. Excellent for ideas of new apps to try. It always amazes me how much time people put into getting these sites going for others to benefit from.

Another favorite
This site has divided the apps by grade level and even reviews the apps for their educational quality, engagement factor and shelf life.  love it!

Others worth checking out:

This is a list of books that have been rated.