Tuesday, 20 March 2012

IMovie tutorial for the iPad 2

This is the link if you'd rather watch the video full screen.

This is a great tutorial for using the iPad. I suggest you watch the video on your computer and use the iPad to try out the bits and pieces. It is quite detailed but looks of good info.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

imovie app

My class recently used imovie to make a movie about bullying.  They used the iPad to film and take pictures and we are ready to edit it this week.  Lois also came into the classroom with her LCD adapter (which is wonderful and I want one!) so that we could show the students all at once what we had so far and what we need to work on next. 

Some problems we ran into: 1) Ruth Betts doesn't have an LCD adapter for the iPad 2) Ruth Betts only has ONE LCD that has the proper hookups for the adapter 3)The students will need to speak much louder to be heard in the movie so we may have to go back and put their voices in after.

Since we only have a week until Spring Break we will be working hard to finish this movie! I only get the iPad until then so it has to be finished because a new class will get the iPad and it could get accidently erased.  I'll post it when I figure out how to do that.  Any tips would be appreciated! -Kali


The Instagram app has a new update, which means that you can now e-mail your pictures.  I am happy about this because I was sending them to Facebook, then saving them from there to my computer, and then adding them to my blog.  -Kali