Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Here's a great app to try that is easy to use and a real hit with the students. The idea is to make words with the letters Textropolis gives you. The more words you get the more buildings in your city are built. There are hints to use and definitions of each word you find. We've been doing it together once the students get all organized before the bell in the morning. What an incentive! They love it. Once we have discovered all the words for our first city we are challenging another class to see who can build the same city faster. It's a wonderful tool for using the spelling strategies we teach. Check it out and join the fun!


I also have to add how much I enjoy the HDMI cord so I can display the iPad on the lcd projector for all to see.  I want to try out the VGA cord as well and see how it works. Some of the LCD projectors don't have the HDMI port. One of the teachers on staff has purchased her own VGA cord a short while ago to try with her iPad. Hmmmm!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to the new iPad Piloters

Welcome New iPad users:
At McIsaac, Arlene Collins, Pam Ryan and Jocelyn Enns are piloting the iPads. At Ruth Betts, Penny Grove {along with Cynthia Davey}, Val Johnson and Kali Naylor {along with Sam Moore} are exploring the iPads. OHHHH, you are in for some fun. The one piece of advice I have for you is not to feel overwhelmed. Find one app to try and get comfortable with it rather than bombard yourself with a bunch of apps and feel discouraged.
First Meetings Agenda:

  • Getting comfortable with using the basics of the iPad- settings- folders-shutting down the running apps-
  • Exploring the blog for ideas- tutorials- support
  • setting up a plan

Monday, 2 April 2012

4Naylor's imovie

The imovie link is posted on our classroom blog.  I had to make a few tweaks to it since the sound was very loud and almost sounded like we had been outside on a windy day.  Now the background music is very quiet and you can't hear it in some places, but I'm not sure how else to change it.  It will have to stay the way it is!

I hope you enjoy it as the students had fun filming!