Tuesday, 20 March 2012

IMovie tutorial for the iPad 2

This is the link if you'd rather watch the video full screen.

This is a great tutorial for using the iPad. I suggest you watch the video on your computer and use the iPad to try out the bits and pieces. It is quite detailed but looks of good info.


  1. Thanks! i will likely work on this on spring break... or maybe this week if I get ambitious. I just finished a months worth of photo editing, smileboxes and wiki updates. imovie is on that to do list.

  2. Okay... I am moments away from my video presentation becoming a you tube file. Eeek... I am so excited. This video was perfect. I sat with my iPad at my side and edited as I watched pausing the video along the way. I can hardly wait to see the final product... check my blog in the near future to view it.