Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to the new iPad Piloters

Welcome New iPad users:
At McIsaac, Arlene Collins, Pam Ryan and Jocelyn Enns are piloting the iPads. At Ruth Betts, Penny Grove {along with Cynthia Davey}, Val Johnson and Kali Naylor {along with Sam Moore} are exploring the iPads. OHHHH, you are in for some fun. The one piece of advice I have for you is not to feel overwhelmed. Find one app to try and get comfortable with it rather than bombard yourself with a bunch of apps and feel discouraged.
First Meetings Agenda:

  • Getting comfortable with using the basics of the iPad- settings- folders-shutting down the running apps-
  • Exploring the blog for ideas- tutorials- support
  • setting up a plan

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