Monday, 2 July 2012

Document Cameras

Summer break is here... yippee!  

However, prior to the break we were all buzzing about the new technology we were getting for the fall!  For some of us it's apple tv, for others it pods of ipads or larger pods of netbooks and for others it document cameras!  All very exciting depending on what you want to do with the technology.

While browsing pinterest (an incredibly addicting site full of amazing ideas - for those of you not yet addicted) I discovered a list of uses for a document camera for all ages!  I immediately thought about those 3 lucky people with new document cameras for the fall and thought I would share!  

I myself have never used a document camera (was never certain on how it could be helpful to me)!  After reading the list I now know.... I want one:)

Check out this link!


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