Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Well, I'll be interested in hearing how others are finding Storyrobe. The students took photos and made a fabulous story about the spelling rule called Catch Lunch Rule. I was so excited to share it with everyone but then... Here are my issues:

  •  It was difficult to get it to send to my email and I had to try many separate times to get it to go. Now when I go to view it the link won't work. I can't get it to go to youtube either. It"s like the page is frozen. Nothing happens. I will keep trying.
  • you have to keep the audio running to go to the next image when you're recording the story. It won't allow you to see or record the next iIrImage unless the audio is running. 
  • I also didn't like that you couldn't make any corrections unless you restarted the whole story.
I used the story to show it to my mentor who was working with some of the students who were still struggling with the catch lunch rule and she loved it as a tutorial.
    Okay, I'm going to go and try to see if I can do the youtube feature one more time.
    No luck with my retry but I am going to sync it to my computer and see if that doesn't fix the app....or I might have to delete it and sync it then---I'm afraid my video will be gone though. 


    1. I have not tried it yet, I have been conducting interviews using audioboo.... I wonder what I will do with the completed interviews? Have not thought that through yet.

    2. I am working on version 2.0 and I promise all these issues will be fixed and we will have more features. I really want to give back to teachers like yourself for introducing visual literacies to our youth!