Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wednesday's Lunch Meeting

McIsaac-January 25,2012
Next Meeting--Wednesday- Feb. 8--
  • EA pd time--EA's will need time so teachers please sign them up on my schedule or talk to me and we can work out something else so they can have some learning time.
  • This month's focus- Audioboo-- storyrobe--imovie Pick what you feel comfortable with and give it a try-let me know if you need help
  • how to use the ipad credit-Any ones that cost money we will discuss and agree with at the biweekly meetings--unless you need something sooner and then talk to me.
  • Josh's iPad and the resource iPad will be tied to a different account because the apps will be quite different than the other iPads. We also need to keep Josh's iPad clear of extra apps coming in.
  • How and what to blog--labels for the blog--if you would like to blog feel free. I can get you going if you need help. Christie Jedele's and Christine and my blog are linked on the side.
Feel free to add any items you'd like to discuss at the meeting here.

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