Friday, 11 May 2012

iPod Pilot Teachers

Grade 4/5-Ryan--Grade 2/3 Enns
The students are really enjoying the ipad in their classroom. It's been a wonderful incentive to get work completed and have a chance to experience some of the apps. It's also been a great learning tool for those  who need the extra support.It's hard to meet the needs of a whole classroom with one ipad especially without an adaptor such as a vga or hdmi  to share it on the whiteboard for all to see. We talked about the cases and how important a strong sturdy case is so that the students could have more hands on with the ipad--such as using the camera. I've been discussing with teachers about how they feel the ipad would be most effective in the classroom. I keep hearing pods of at least 4 to share as a center. Of course it would be ideal to have a pod just for each classroom but us teachers are also very good at sharing.

cases- $50-$100
vga adapter-$29. or
hdmi adapter-$39. & $20. for the long hdmi cord or
 apple tv which would allow the ipad to be wireless for about $100.

Some apps to try out are the Educreations, Show Me, iMovie, Pop Words, Fluency Timer, Holiday Pic It

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