Friday, 11 May 2012

School iPad organizer--iPad configurator

I have been to Hapnot Collegiate to explore what they've been up to with their iPads armed with multitudes of questions. Their school has purchased 10 iPads for the teachers to explore and become comfortable with. They have set them up on a mac desktop app called--iPad Configurator--which has been developed by Apple to help schools organize and manage the iPads. I am impressed!!!
Back I went to our wonderful tech secretary with excitement to see if this was something we could do. I was initially hoping we could manage our iPads on a PC ---which we can still do but we also need to set it up with a Mac too{the iPad Configurator is only compatible with a Mac--of course}. SOOoooo-- first Katherine had to update her Mac to the latest OS and after much conferencing with tech support and a few "OH,NO's" the app has been downloaded and good to go on Katherine's Mac. The iPad configurator will be good to use when setting up a mass group of iPads so they can all have the same settings and a common group of the same apps.

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