Sunday, 7 October 2012

Show Me App

 Show Me

Ipad Pods

I love this app and strongly recommend using it. I will attach some links to this post so you can explore what others have done. To me this is what all the LwICT is about and this is where real learning happens. 

This month our virtue is Thanksgiving so I demonstrated how to use the app and sent them off to show me something they were thankful for and to tell about it. Here's an example--one of the students went to the word wall and took a photo of the words that said-mom-dad-sister-brother etc. and then said he was thankful for his relatives and for all the fun things they do together. Another printed mom and dad on the board and took a picture etc. Another took a photo of their shoes and said they were thankful for clothes. When we did the feedback part at the end of the day we talked about what we liked and again the children thought it would be nice if there was more detail in the talking part. We'll see how that goes this week. 

  • lots of enthusiasm from the children
  • lots of learning--planning-gathering-producing and communicating
  • exciting to see what they create and exciting to see success in so many
  • easy for children to use 
  • I love watching others help with ideas
  • I was impressed with how independent they were
  • some are less creative than others and like writing some are a little more reluctant--but I know it'll come even if it's a little slower at getting there for some than others
  • I will explore how to share with others such as on our wiki but for me it was fine just to share with each other. Sometimes that's all that needs to be done. If I can share, I will on this post later.
links to other sites for show me

show me as a tutorial

the flipped classroom

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