Tuesday, 16 October 2012



Voicethread is a great tool to collaborate and share with other students. You can use videos' photos and diagrams. The students can leave comments by- text - use their voice to record or and even doodle on the screen as well to help discuss your topic.  I have used voicethread on the computer before and loved it but found it to be a lot of work to set up. It's so easy to use on the iPad with very little setting up involved.
 I used this app to discuss our favorite part of Charlotte's Web.We also predicted what we thought would happen in one of the chapters.  Both turned out so well. Next we are going to share our favorite character in the story with another classroom in BC who's reading the same story to their classroom {We are both participating in the Global Read Aloud project}.

The first 5 voicethreads are free and then it's $2.99 for 5 more.

Another Great App

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