Sunday, 7 October 2012

Teach Me Grade 2

 Teach Me Grade 2-

Pod Feedback

This was probably our favorite app that we tried out in our pod of 4 ipads for the month of September.


  • I loved that they could each have their own account and be able to track how they are doing
  • It has lots of activities and lots of incentives to keep them excited
  • They could work on independently without having to come to me for help while I am focusing on a reading group.

  • I wasn't fond of the math section. They have lots of double digit adding and it was too advanced for some. There is no way they would go back to Teach Me Grade 1 either. The math section made it discouraging for the children who stuggle with math. The helpers in the room that were good at math made a difference but the app requires the student to do a fair bit of the math activities.
  • I wish you could select the activity as it progresses but it randomly selects what you have to go through to get to the next level--or collect coins. So there is no way to get past the math activities. 
Feedback from the students
This is something new that I thought I would try. I am going to reserve this section for the students to give their feedback on how they felt about the apps we're trying out. We do this a lot for writing and reading activities in our room and I find it is so effective. 

Tues. Oct. 9
What we like about Teach Me Grade 2.

What would make this app even better.
Do you want to keep this as a choice for our pod?


  1. I discovered in the Teach Me grade one app that you can turn sections on and off so I am sure you could turn off the math parts in grade 2. Click on the word "players", click the player you want to edit (as far as I can tell you would have to do each individually), then you will see the "Teach Me topics". You can also change the settings, but I like my settings how they are.

    1. Thanks Christine! That makes a big difference as I think the students were getting frustrated and not enjoying it as much.

  2. Agreed- I didn't care for the long addition and subtractions areas, but as the previous poster mentioned, you can toggle them off which I think is a great feature of these apps. i also like that you can change how kids enter their answers (keypad versus writing recognition) Love that I can toggle it over to keypad for my OT kiddos!