Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The blog name really is suitable for iPads. They are a wonderful tool but when you buy the iPad your still need to purchase more to make them a feasible tool to use in a classroom. For instance, we've purchased covers and protective cases, money for apps--which we will need more of I'm sure--and now we feel a few hdmi adapters are needed within the school. These cost about $45.00 and then the cord for connecting the hdmi adapter to the lcd costs another $20.00. This cool accessory allows the iPad to be interactive with the lcd--more so than VGA adapter which doesn't allow certain apps to work when displayed. It also works with the iPhone apps and suppose to work with ipod touches--although we couldn't get the iPod to connect to the lcd.  I use it to display work the students have done and to introduce how to use a new app. I've gone on Youtube for teaching as well which is so fast and easy-and isn't blocked--oops--better be careful what I share. I can see where having some hdmi cords would be very valuable--maybe not needed in every iPad classroom but a few at least.
Check out If you give a teacher an iPad for more details.

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