Friday, 17 February 2012

Updating purchased Apps--Toontastic

A New Discovery
If you want to update purchased apps you will have to go into settings-general-restrictions- enter your passcode and allow In-apps to be purchased. This is shut off because supposedly it will allow updates to be purchased without using the passwords and we don't want students purchasing those tempting extras that pop up every now and then. In saying that, when you've finished updating, shut it off again.
Toontastic Updates
If you have Toontastic and bought the extra backgrounds and "toys" then after you complete the above -go into the Toy Store and it will allow you to update your new features. Have fun!!!

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  1. Awesome.... this is exactly what Shirley and I could not figure out when we bought the full version of 2 games that we had the lite version of. Does she know this?