Tuesday, 28 February 2012

iPad picture sharing frustration

I have been trying to use the iPad for blogging in my classroom, and my students take advantage of every opportunity to use the iPad everyday, so I am very frustrated that uploading pictures to the blog is so difficult. 

I can't upload pictures taken with the iPad to the blog, or through Hotmail, or even through Facebook. I'm not sure why this is. 

What I had to do was use the app "Instagram" and go through the pictures I had taken on the iPad and then share them either through Hotmail or Facebook, open them on my computer, and then save them to my computer.  After I had done that I uploaded them to the blog, but not using the iPad. 

Has anyone else figured out how to upload pictures on the iPad? 


  1. I have not been able to do it either Kali which I too have been very frustrated with. I almost always blog from my computer. If I have pictures from the Ipad to put on my blog I email them to myself on my computer. I just did that with my latest blog post on my teacher blog. It only took a minute, but it is frustrating that is can not be done on the Ipad.

  2. I think in the future if we want a more iPad friendly blog we should try out the Posterous blogger. It's suppose to be super easy to put photos and videos on with the ipads or ipods.

  3. I have a posterous blog and am not super thrilled with it. I find it difficult to put anything but blog posts on it. Edublog is ok too, but I find that blogger is the most user friendly for adding links and pics. I found an app site that might be useful for your ipads, http://bit.ly/zCJF0R. There are so many apps, it's hard to choose the best one.